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Ресторант VICTORIA Ring

Ресторант VICTORIA Ring Mall, намиращ се на ул. "Околовръстен път" 214 в София Ring Mall е Вашето място за семейни или приятелски обеди и вечери. Изящен моден дизайн, висококачественна кухня, приятна атмосфера, обширна тераса, собствен паркинг и спираща дъха гледка към Витоша!

Адрес: ул. "Околовръстен път" 214, (п.к. 1434), София Ring Mall
Телефон: 088 810 0050
Работно време: от 11:00 до 23:00
Места в салона: 170
Места в градината: 100
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Ресторант Victoria резервация

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Мнения от клиенти

I visit Victoria Ring restaurant every now and then when visiting Sofia Ring mall. Atmosphere and food were fine but the service provided was very poor. The server I had was not welcoming at all, unfriendly, and he seemed quite unaware of the work etiquette in the service industry. I wonder how much training would a server get before starting on the floor. I would understand if I was visiting a local low-key pub and would not be that peculiar about service but for an average restaurant of Victoria's rank and pricey food and beverages, one would expect at least great and friendly service. I am definitely going to skip visiting Victoria in the future.
Dora Explorer - 26.12.2019
The decoration of the restaurant is lovely, and it definitely seems to be somewhere that focuses on the aesthetic more than anything else. The other clientele seemed to fit this description too, I've not seen so many designer sweatsuits and bad nose jobs on a long time. The service was very slow, we waited 15 mins for our order to be taken. When the food came it was "okay" at best. My wife ordered a burger with fries, the burger was very dry and the fries were lukewarm, limp, and tasted strongly of oil. My pizza was fairly decent and was the saving grace of this visit. For the price it certainly isn't worth coming again.
Thomas Williams - 03.11.2019
Victoria restaurants in Sofia are all great and this one is no exception. The terrace end has some lovely views of the mountain. Service is brilliant and food is delicious with plenty of choice. Great place to relax after shopping at the mall and IKEA.
Sylvio Dokov - 03.12.2019
Good food but the moment you sit down you feel like they want you out. Rushed but good service. Ordered pumpkin soup and sausage pan. Liked both
Steven Freidberg - 16.11.2019
The food is not bad but prices are too high for what you get. I wouldn't recommend it, there are many other upscale places in Sofia (if that's what you're looking for) which offer better quality.
Liliana Chernin - 30.11.2019

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