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Ресторант VILLA VICTORIA Ловен парк

Ресторант VILLA VICTORIA Ловен парк е истински аристократичен ресторант в София, сгушен сред зеленината на легендарния Ловен парк. Мястото е изключително и впечатлява не само с визия, но и с кухня. Това е специално кътче, предназначено за истински ценители, скъпи гости и бизнес партньори. Стилен интериор, прохладна градина и перфектно обслужване са само част от нещата, които ще оставят у Вас приятен спомен. Селектирани вина, месни специалитети и още много предложения Ви очакват.
Адрес: бул. "Симеоновско шосе" 1 (п.к. 1700)
Телефон: 088 980 0099
Работно време: от 11:00 до 23:00
Места в салона: 180
Места в градината: 180
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Мнения от клиенти

I like it there, I am visiting it regularly, and they try to keep it up. Despite the pretty expensive prices, the people working there try to match the prices with the quality of both the service and the food itself. We were with kids there, and it wasn't an issue, so you could bring your whole family with you there and have a good time. Will visit it soon again. Keep it up!
Данко Вълков - 19.11.2019
Most of the dishes are fantastic, particularly tasty, fresh and well prepared duck magret, beef specialties and funky salads. However, we ordered one of the dishes from the seasonal menu - pumpkin risotto, which both looked and tasted like it was served for the third time, totally unacceptable for the price range and quality aspirations of the place. Located in a very appealing secluded area of the city, the restaurant is attracting a rather trendy, but not necessarily classy clientele. Service can be better if some of the staff members behave in a less pretentious way, which can be slightly annoying after some point.
Ралица Увакова - 28.12.2019
An absolute hidden gem. We arrived using public transport and had a relaxing stroll around the woods and the park. The food is excellent, with big variety and the place has been decorated in a fantastic way. My favourite idea; they had hanged the outdoor movie projector hidden in a big bird nest ;)
Hanna Mitsopoulu - 02.10.2019
Extra ordinary place. Very cozy, high quality for an affordable price. Recommend it!
John Vande Kerckhove - 15.12.2019
High level service, just as you'd expect from a rather upscale restaurant. The food selection is very good with something for everyone's taste. Pretty good wine selection too, at decent prices. The restaurant has an amazing garden, so if you're visiting during the warmer nights you have to reserve a table there, but it's totally worth it.
Rosen Todorov - 18.09.2019

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