NEW! Double Crispy burger (530 g)

BURGERS Burgers Double Crispy burger
18.99 BGN
crispy chicken 2 pcs., smoked Gouda, iceberg, tomatoes and special Burger sauce, served with potatoes wedges with Parmesan

NEW! Ribs Burger (480 g)

BURGERS Burgers Ribs Burger
19.99 BGN
roasted pork ribs, mature English Cheddar, potatoes wedges, grilled corn, Coleslaw salad, roasted English bacon and garlic Aioli sauce

Tortilla crusted chicken (420 g)

BURGERS Burgers Tortilla crusted chicken
14.49 BGN
crispy chicken fillet, avocado, tomatoes, Cheddar, Philadelphia, mayonnaise and parsley

Double cheeseburger with black angus veal (350 g)

BURGERS Burgers Double cheeseburger with black angus veal
16.69 BGN
with mature English Cheddar, pickles and BBQ sauce, served with spicy fresh fried potatoes

Crispy chicken burger (400 g)

BURGERS Burgers Crispy chicken burger
13.89 BGN
homemade burger bun, crispy chicken, smoked Gouda, iceberg lettuce and Guacamole garlic sauce,served with spicy fresh fried potatoes

Las Vegas burger (390 g)

BURGERS Burgers Las Vegas burger
14.99 BGN
medium veal burger Black Angus, double Cheddar, fried egg, roasted tomato and Tartar sauce

New York burger (350 g)

BURGERS Burgers New York burger
14.99 BGN
medium veal burger Black Angus, smoked Gouda, roasted bacon, marinated red onions, arugula and homemade Burger sauce, roasted top bun with Mozzarella, Pepperoni, tomato and oregano
* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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