NEW! Gnocchi with bacon and gorgonzola (360 g)

DISHES Pasta Gnocchi with bacon and gorgonzola
15.49 BGN
potato gnocchi, English bacon, stewed leeks, Gorgonzola sauce, arugula and Parmesan

NEW! Chicken with gnocchi and cheddar (370 g)

DISHES Pasta Chicken with gnocchi and cheddar
14.79 BGN
roasted chicken with potato gnocchi, Cheddar sauce, arugula and chives

Spaghetti with shrimps and mussels (420 g)

DISHES Pasta Spaghetti with shrimps and mussels
16.79 BGN
Vannamei shrimps, mussels and light lobster cream

Formaggi pasta with chicken and mushrooms (410 g)

DISHES Pasta Formaggi pasta with chicken and mushrooms
18.99 BGN
baked pasta with mixed cheeses, roasted chicken, grilled boletus, smoked sauce and fresh leafy greens with cherry tomatoes, hazelnuts and honey - mustard dressing

Spaghetti Carbonara (390 g)

DISHES Pasta Spaghetti Carbonara
13.99 BGN
Pancetta, cream, egg and Parmesan

Tagliatelle Polo Romanesco (430 g)

DISHES Pasta Tagliatelle Polo Romanesco
15.59 BGN
chicken fillet, Romanesco broccoli, red peppers, garlic, cream sauce and Pecorino

Shrimps fettuccine (380 g)

DISHES Pasta Shrimps fettuccine
15.49 BGN
wild caught shrimps, fresh spinach, roasted red peppers, lime and garlic

Spaghetti with Black Angus (400 )

DISHES Pasta Spaghetti with Black Angus
16.89 BGN
Black Angus beef, chestnuts, Mascarpone, arugula, cranberries, truffle paste and Parmesan

Baked pasta with salmo (370 g)

DISHES Pasta Baked pasta with salmo
18.59 BGN
tagliatelle with salmon, zucchini, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach in cream with anchovy and garlic, baked with Mozzarella and fresh basil

Lazagna Roll (280 g)

DISHES Pasta Lazagna Roll
15.69 BGN
handmade lasagna rolls with Philadelphia cream, smoked chicken fillet and leek, baked with Cheddar and Italian sauce with olives and tomato pesto

Spaghetti Bolonese (390 g)

DISHES Pasta Spaghetti Bolonese
14.69 BGN
veal and pork ragout with tomatoes, carrots, onion and Parmesan

Lasagna Bolognese (240 g)

DISHES Pasta Lasagna Bolognese
13.99 BGN
veal and pork ground meat with carrots and onion, basil, yellow cheese, tomato sauce and Bechamel sauce

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* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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