Pork dishes

NEW! Roasted streaky meat (390 g)

DISHES Pork dishes Roasted streaky meat
16.49 BGN
roasted pork breasts in special sauce, potato puree with truffle, okra chips with Togarashi chili and honey-mustard mayonnaise

Wiener Schnitzel (390 g)

DISHES Pork dishes Wiener Schnitzel
14.99 BGN
pork schnitzel with homemade fried potatoes, butter and parsley

American style ribs (400 g)

DISHES Pork dishes American style ribs
19.49 BGN
grilled marinated pork ribs with BBQ vegetable skewer

Roasted neck (400 g)

DISHES Pork dishes Roasted neck
15.99 BGN
grilled marinated pork neck with mashed baked potatoes with butterfat and rustic style marinated eggplant with zucchini and garlic

Tender roasted meat (310 g)

DISHES Pork dishes Tender roasted meat
13.89 BGN
with homemade mushroom Gravy sauce and smoked potatoe puree with processed cheese

Juicy pork steak (530 g)

DISHES Pork dishes Juicy pork steak
17.99 BGN
Pork bone fillets with homemade mushrooms gravy sauce,runny yolk eggs,caramelized onion,marinated hot peppers and rustic bread
* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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