NEW! Smoked croquettes (210 g)

DISHES Starters Smoked croquettes
7.99 BGN
Panko croquettes with homemade smoked potatoes with Cheddar cheese, served with Tartar sauce and Sriracha mayonnaise

NEW! Shrimps skewers (370 g)

DISHES Starters Shrimps skewers
16.99 BGN
with fresh fried potatoes, truffle cream, parsley and Togarashi chili

Three types of fresh broken tarama with Sicilian bread (350 g)

DISHES Starters Three types of fresh broken tarama with Sicilian bread
8.99 BGN
three kinds of tarama – natural, smoked salmon, smoked trout with crispy Sicilian bread

Mediterranian style crispy squids (230 g)

DISHES Starters Mediterranian style crispy squids
15.89 BGN
crispy squids with Mediterranian sauce

Crispy sticks (300 g)

DISHES Starters Crispy sticks
12.99 BGN
chicken parmesan breading sticks, ketchup and Tartar sauce

Balls with goat cheese (190 g)

DISHES Starters Balls with goat cheese
7.99 BGN
balls of broccoli and potatoes with goat cheese and Parmesan, served with garlic sauce with chives

Spicy shrimps (120 g)

DISHES Starters Spicy shrimps
14.99 BGN
Sriracha chili shrimps, honey, fresh basil and garlic

Long hot peppers (220 g)

DISHES Starters Long hot peppers
7.59 BGN
fried long hot peppers, marinated with garlic and fresh herbs, roasted fresh cheese and crispy bruschetta

Veal meatballs with liver (290 g)

DISHES Starters Veal meatballs with liver
12.69 BGN
Black Angus and chopped liver meatballs,onion and parsley, spicy red beans, mashed potatoes,arugula and Parmesan

Truffle boletus (150 g)

DISHES Starters Truffle boletus
13.79 BGN
grilled boletus with truffle cream, Unagi sauce, sesame and arugula

Ribeye Black Angus with truffle cream (160 g)

DISHES Starters Ribeye Black Angus with truffle cream
18.79 BGN
sliced Ribeye steak with truffle cream, Unagi sauce, sesame and arugula

Chimichurri squids (230 g)

DISHES Starters Chimichurri squids
15.89 BGN
crispy tempura squids with Chimichurri sauce

Sweet potato with bacon and Cheddar cheese (160 g)

DISHES Starters Sweet potato with bacon and Cheddar cheese
8.19 BGN
crispy sweet potato, Cheddar sauce with truffle and fried bacon

Quinoa balls with asparagus (200 g)

DISHES Starters  Quinoa balls with asparagus
12.49 BGN
crispy Panko quinoa balls with asparagus, cauliflower, garlic and spring onion balls, cheese cream with sweet chili and fresh salad with honey-mustard dressing

Yellow cheese corn buns (260 g)

DISHES Starters Yellow cheese corn buns
9.89 BGN
fluffy yellow cheese corn buns, honey-mustard sauce and tomatoes with arugula and maple syrup

Smoked salmon tostada (210 g)

DISHES Starters Smoked salmon tostada
14.69 BGN
fluffy potato and zucchini wafers, smoked salmon, Guacamole, Philadelphia cheese and fresh salad

Meligano (230 g)

DISHES Starters Meligano
7.89 BGN
homemade Meligano with roasted eggplant and peppers with walnuts and cranberries with italian rustic bread

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* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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