NEW! Sunset Crab (100 g)

NEW SUSHI Fusion Sunset Crab
5.99 BGN
Crab Tartare With Cream With Kimchi And Tobiko, Cucumbers, Walnuts And Honey Chili Sauce

NEW! Grande Shrimp Roll (190 g)

NEW SUSHI Fusion Grande Shrimp Roll
13.99 BGN
Shrimp With Philadelphia Cream, Cucumbers, Mayonnaise, Crispy Crab Meat, Sesame Seeds And Kimchi Sauce

NEW! Sunrise (100 g)

NEW SUSHI Fusion Sunrise
6.99 BGN
Roasted Salmon With Unagi Cream, Cucumbers, Spicy Sriracha Mayonnaise, Tobiko And Poppy Seeds

Fusion Maki (110 g)

NEW SUSHI Fusion Fusion Maki
7.99 BGN
Roasted Salmon, Shrimp Ebi, Avocado, Tobiko And Mayonnaise

Jumbo Roll Shrimp (200 g)

NEW SUSHI Fusion Jumbo Roll Shrimp
12.99 BGN
Shrimp In Crispy Tempura, Philadelphia And Katsubushi

California Red (110 g)

NEW SUSHI Fusion California Red
6.49 BGN
Surimi, Avocado, Tobiko And Mayonnaise
* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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