Sashimi salmon (80 g)

SUSHI Sashimi Sashimi salmon
9.99 BGN
sliced raw salmon fillet

Sashimi tuna (80 g)

SUSHI Sashimi Sashimi tuna
10.99 BGN
sliced raw tuna fillet

Sashimi mix salmon and tuna (80 g)

SUSHI Sashimi Sashimi mix salmon and tuna
10.49 BGN
sliced raw salmon and tuna fillets

Tataki tuna (80 g)

SUSHI Sashimi Tataki tuna
10.99 BGN
seared tuna fillet with Togarashi chilli

Tataki salmon (80 g)

SUSHI Sashimi Tataki salmon
9.99 BGN
seared raw salmon fillet with Togarashi chilli
* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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