Garash cake (80 g)

SWEETS Desserts Garash cake
6.69 BGN
Garash chocolate cream with walnuts cake and coconut filing

Homemade Italian cake (170 g)

SWEETS Desserts Homemade Italian cake
6.99 BGN
Mascarpone cream, melted chocolate, coffee and italian butter biscuits

Brulee Exotic (170 g)

SWEETS Desserts Brulee Exotic
7.99 BGN
caramel chocolate mango brulee on crispy biscuit and mango chutney

Pangiallo (170 g)

SWEETS Desserts Pangiallo
7.69 BGN
chocolate brownie with walnuts, Mascarpone cream and blueberry jam

Cheesecake with white chocolate and figs (160 g)

SWEETS Desserts Cheesecake with white chocolate and figs
7.99 BGN

Bavarian cake (140 g)

SWEETS Desserts Bavarian cake
7.59 BGN
Bavarian cream, chocolate ganache with hazelnuts, sponge cake and sour cherry sauce

Ricotta cake with pears (120 g)

SWEETS Desserts Ricotta cake with pears
6.99 BGN
Ricotta mousse with pears, homemade vanilla cream, hazelnut biscuit and meringue crunch

Japanese cake (130 g)

SWEETS Desserts Japanese cake
7.59 BGN
Miso-Mascarpone cream with honey cake crust, caramel and walnuts
* Food from pictures is prepared on-site restaurants and may have discrepancy in outer view!
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