Loven Park

Tzar Osvoboditel Bulgaria blvd. Cherkovna Loven Park Tzar Ivan Asen Victoria Ring

Restaurant Villa Victoria Loven Park

At restaurant Villa Victoria Loven Park you will feel a touch closer to the gods. In the heart of one of the most beautiful parks in Sofia, the restaurant is a perfect place for a cozy gathering with family or friends and for business lunch or dinner.

Address: Blvd. "Simeonovsko Shose" 1 
Tel: 088 980 0099
Working hours: 11.00 AM – 23.00 PM
Inside places: 180
Places in garden: 180


I like it there, I am visiting it regularly, and they try to keep it up. Despite the pretty expensive prices, the people working there try to match the prices with the quality of both the service and the food itself. We were with kids there, and it wasn't an issue, so you could bring your whole family with you there and have a good time. Will visit it soon again. Keep it up!
Данко Вълков - 19.11.2019
An absolute hidden gem. We arrived using public transport and had a relaxing stroll around the woods and the park. The food is excellent, with big variety and the place has been decorated in a fantastic way. My favourite idea; they had hanged the outdoor movie projector hidden in a big bird nest ;)
Hanna Mitsopoulu - 02.10.2019
High level service, just as you'd expect from a rather upscale restaurant. The food selection is very good with something for everyone's taste. Pretty good wine selection too, at decent prices. The restaurant has an amazing garden, so if you're visiting during the warmer nights you have to reserve a table there, but it's totally worth it.
Rosen Todorov - 18.09.2019
I've been to this place twice in the last summer and I can't get enough! The menu is extensive but you can't go wrong with the hand tossed pizza. The atmosphere in the outside patio is lovely, but be aware it's in the middle of the park so mosquitoes can be annoying. Service is simply wonderful - everyone from the hostess to the waiters are accommodating, responsive and actually fun to chat with. Also, credit cards are accepted.
Denitsa Kosharova - 29.08.2019
Last three times we were there the waiters were uninterested we waited for half an hour at least for a dish, the staff were never around when you needed them. On our last visit the burgers were made with an old bread and a dish was completely forgotten. I am giving two stars only because when we first went there the waitress that served us was amazing and provided amazing service.
Reneta Dimitrova - 19.09.2019

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