Tzar Osvoboditel

Tzar Osvoboditel Bulgaria blvd. Cherkovna Loven Park Tzar Ivan Asen Victoria Ring
Restaurant “Victoria”

Restaurant “Victoria” – Sofia, 7, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd. provide customers with a comfortable atmosphere and hospitable service. Regardless of the occasion, in restaurants "Victoria" you will always be greeted and served from friendly and professionally trained staff.
Ресторант Victoria
Адрес: 7, Tzar Osvoboditel Blvd., Central Military Club

Tel: +359 888393077; 02 986 32 00
Working hours: 11.00 AM – 23.00 PM
Inside places: 150
Places in garden: 231


Food was good, we had only two salads, service kind of low, they barely say hello, we asked a waiter until what time shops are open, he asked for a sec but never came back with the answer. This alone would be not a problem, but the totally 'raw' style of the waiters is... We also had to wait aprox. 10 minutes and remind him twice for the check, although restaurant was half empty. At the end he put the bill on the table with a 'Service is not included' phrase, no question asked... Bottom line is, we did not know if they treated us as dummy tourists or it is just their normal 'style', but in any case the service should be better...
Márk Perényi - 01.03.2020
Very good service, great food, Clean place, near the city center, authentic... nice to have dinner. Also there is outside therace
Adrian Mitu - 22.04.2019
Good food, nice staff. It's always a pleasure dining here. You can choose from a lot of meat, fish or vegetable dishes and sushi. They have a good wine list also. Perfect place for a nice dinner with friends or family.
Georgi Dimitrov - 17.11.2019
Wonderful restaurant in the centre of Sofia. Good food and great service. Beautiful, cozy interior for cold evenings and a stunning large garden with lots of tables at the back where you can sit back and enjoy the warm summer evenings. One of my top choices for restaurants in Sofia.
Sylvio Dokov - 06.01.2020
Great restaurant, nice salads and awesome foods. They have English menu and the waitresses know English very well and they are very kind. Ordered lamp with baked potatoes and it was so delicious. This place is also well known for their 🍕 by the way 😀
Ayhan Gunay - 12.12.2018

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