Victoria Ring

Tzar Osvoboditel Bulgaria blvd. Cherkovna Loven Park Tzar Ivan Asen Victoria Ring
Restaurant Victoria

Address: 214, Okolovrasten pat Str.
Tel: +359 888 100 050
Working hours: 11.00 AM – 23.00 PM
Inside places: 170
Places in garden: 100


The decoration of the restaurant is lovely, and it definitely seems to be somewhere that focuses on the aesthetic more than anything else. The other clientele seemed to fit this description too, I've not seen so many designer sweatsuits and bad nose jobs on a long time. The service was very slow, we waited 15 mins for our order to be taken. When the food came it was "okay" at best. My wife ordered a burger with fries, the burger was very dry and the fries were lukewarm, limp, and tasted strongly of oil. My pizza was fairly decent and was the saving grace of this visit. For the price it certainly isn't worth coming again.
Thomas Williams - 03.11.2019
Good food but the moment you sit down you feel like they want you out. Rushed but good service. Ordered pumpkin soup and sausage pan. Liked both
Steven Freidberg - 16.11.2019
Cold squid, tough... still remember this taste. Pizza should be really good at this place. Nice atmosphere, service was good.
Stiliana Georgieva - 31.08.2019
I like the food. Service was quick. But it felt rushed somehow. Prices are a bit steep for the average Bulgarian
Todor Tukov - 16.11.2019
Amazing mountain view and nice atmosphere. The food was great and the service was fast, professional but not very friendly.
Hristo Dachev - 12.10.2019

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